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"Every Business Professional Needs To Write A Book" - Forbes.com 2016




T&S Publishing, LP, is a boutique media and book publishing agency with a mission to help thousands of lesser-known entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals become sought-after subject matter experts in their fields. We position them as recognized authorities that stand out rather than continue to be the best-kept secrets in their industries.


We accomplish this by having them participate in strategic positioning campaigns that include cause marketing, collaborative book projects, being featured in national media, garnering celebrity-like status, and then teaching them to leverage all of that notoriety across social media platforms to quickly elevate their brand. We offer what we call ‘authority books’ and a unique publishing process that enables our clients to talk their book and eliminate the need to be a writer. We specialize in single-author and multi-author collaborative books.


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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book

A book is great for getting attention because it's a multi-purpose marketing tool with unique and special abilities to create attention that you can turn into almost anything else you want -- sales, media, word of mouth, authority. So, how does a book get you attention? There are four main ways:

1. A book gives you authority, credibility and expertise.


A lot of people like to say that "a book is the new business card." I disagree, because everyone has a business card. You can go to Office Depot and get business cards, but you can't go to Office Depot and author a book.

2. A book raises your visibility and gets media coverage.


When a media outlet wants a comment on something, who do they go to? The expert, right? And how do they know someone is an expert? Because they wrote the book. Experts write books. Commentators write blog posts.

3. A book helps people find you.


Google is the top ranked internet search engine, followed by YouTube. Do you know who is in third place? Amazon. And even more relevant to entrepreneurs, Amazon is the No. 1 search engine when looking for products and services, with 44 percent of searches for products and services starting there.

4. A book helps people talk about you.

There is no better marketing than word of mouth. When someone you trust tells you to use something, you listen, and you use it. Anything that helps other people talk about you and your business is the best marketing tool possible. A book enables word of mouth better than almost anything else.



  • Your chapter will be between 3,000 to 4,000 words.

  • Your chapter will highlight your area of success and expertise. Don’t worry about writing anything; you will be given questions ahead of time and answer them on a technology platform.

  • You will receive author credit.

Cover design. A professionally designed book cover has been proven to be the number one factor people use to decide to read or buy a book.


E-book design. We convert to the mobi (Kindle) and epub formats; that allows us to distribute anywhere.

  • Publishing includes custom ISBN

  • Amazon description uploaded

  • The book will be listed in the Amazon Marketplace and will also appear in all major online book outlets (Barnes & Nobles, Ingram Sparks, etc.)

Best-Seller Launch Details


Reaching best-selling status is a considerable milestone, and once reached, it should be publicized and should include a campaign announcing the accomplishment.


We will launch a campaign to help you achieve best-selling status.

  • Private book launch three (3) days before the public launch of your book.

  • Provide screenshots displaying the categories your book reached best-selling status. T&S Publishing, LP will launch a Best-Seller campaign on Amazon.com. We guarantee that the book will reach Best-Seller status in at least one category on Amazon within 90 days.